2002 Sine Qua Non Chardonnay Mr. K The Noble Man

Estate: Sine Qua Non
Region: Edna Valley, Central Coast, California, United States of America
Vineyard: Alban Vineyard

Tasting Note:October 16, 2015

The color was a goldish orange what seemed like the wine was a lot older than a 2002. In the nose there is plenty of apricots, white fruits such as white peach, pear, and again apricot. In addition to all the fruits in the nose there are also notes of honeysuckle. The body is very thick and syrupy. Lots of white fruits in the palate such as apricot and white peaches. From what we remember last time it seems to taste a little more like a dessert wine than before. Before it was a little thin, now it is thicker and fuller. Absolutely delicious. we have really enjoyed trying out this SQN, one day hopefully we can try out some other wines of theirs!

Drink Dates:

2015 till 2020.


94 points.

Price Point:

$$$ - $87.50.