NV Left Bend Winery Mashup V1 (2010-2013)

Estate: Left Bend Winery
Region: Santa Cruz Mountains, San Francisco, California, United States of America
Vineyards: Black Ridge, Camel Hill, Vanumanutagi and Eden Valley Vineyards


Tasting Note:April 23, 2016

First of the two Left Bend reds sent over to us from Gary. Very interesting label on the bottle. All the different words have to do with what is in the wine, how it is made, and what to expect from it...It does not disappoint! Deep and dark garnet red. Love the nose on the pop and pour (PNP) of this bottle. Smokey attack of meat, grilled herbs that slowly softened and opened up with some dark berry undertones. On day two there were some caramel notes that developed on the nose. Moderate tannins (7/10) and moderate plus body. Palate was coated with dark cherries that continues through to the middle of the body. Smooth, balanced, solid acidity and definitely extracted. As it opened up over the evening there were some savory undertones and something similar soft roses. Moderate length for a finish. Very surprised by this wine and surprised in a good way. Definitely one to pick up and drink. Loved it!

Check out our blog post, Exploring the Santa Cruz Mountains | Left Bend Winery Interview, on Left Bend Winery to learn more about this wine and the Solera System!

Drink Dates:

2016 till 2022.


93 points.

Price Point:

$$ - Sample provided from the Estate. Estate sells for $55.00.