2012 Shooting Star Blue Franc

Estate: Steele Wines

Region: Horse Heaven Hills, Columbia Valley, Washington, United States of America


Tasting Note:May 23, 2016

Second of the reds from Steele Wines under his Shooting Stars Label. This wine needed the extra day, on day one this was slightly bland and had a terrible bitter finish. But on day two it developed a little more complexity and definitely became more enjoyable. Bright ruby red with a blueish hue. Nose was a little lighter than a Gamay. Lots of floral notes and some light dust. Also has some soft dark fruity undertones. Some dust on the palate too with insanely soft and light fruits. Low tannins (4/10) and light bodied. Still a little bitterness in the finish but a lot better than day one. Completely different than any other varietal we have tried. Definitely worth checking out if you are interested in experimenting with new varietals.

Drink Dates:

2016 till 2019.


84 points.

Price Point:

$ - Sample provided by the Estate. Can be purchased at the estate or online $13.00.