2012 Judge Palmer Malbec Bavarian Lion Vineyard

Estate: Judge Palmer Wine Co.
Region: Knights Valley, Sonoma County, California, United States of America
Vineyard: Bavarian Lion Vineyard


Tasting Note:February 25, 2016

Wine was bright ruby red with moderate intensity and clear edges. Tight nose to start, had a few floral notes like violets, some vanilla, and some interesting dark fruits that we could not put our finger on, it was not black cherry but similar with quite a bit of acidity. Undertones seemed a little creamy with cinnamon and some ashes. Light initial attack that started out thin and got thicker as it moved across the palate. Moderate plus tannins (7/10) with solid moderate body that pulls itself together near the finish. Lots of acidity. Crisp and refreshing with a long finish. The strength of the acidity was honestly very surprising for a Malbec out of California, not something we were use to. We decanted for an hour and a half prior to tasting.

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Drink Dates:

2016 till 2023.


91+ points.

Price Point:

$$ - Provided as a sample from the Estate. Can be purchased for $40.00 from the Estate.