1998 Bryant Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Proprietor Grown

Estate: Bryant Family Vineyard

Region: Pritchard Hill, Napa Valley, California, United States of America


Tasting Note:March 13, 2016

First time trying the Bryant Family Cabernet Sauvignon. Was very excited to crack this and try it out. Wine was garnet red, no bricking on the edges yet. Definitely had an aged nose to it. Olive and truffles on the nose to start. Has some secondary earthy notes underneath. Touched by some dark spices and light dark cherries in the finish. Moderate tannins (5.5/10) and moderate body. Palate was herbaceous but no vegetal notes, and some light dark cherries. Very well integrated and balanced, literally melts in your mouth. Finish is still long and lingers for 10 or so seconds. Overall still holding on with a great body and complexity for an 18 year old bottle. If you are looking for a classic Napa Cab this is not fruity enough for you, but if you love complex wines definitely try one of these if you can find one!

Drink Dates:

Drink till 2017.


93 points.

Price Point:

$$$$ - Purchased for around $170.00 from Wine Liquidators.