Traveling with India | Standby Limbo in Detroit

A Glass During the Delay Takes the Time Away!

Here’s a great one for our fellow travelers. Have you ever flown standby to try to get home a little earlier? Possibly waited 3 hours or maybe even longer to catch a flight? Well the bright side about airlines is even with status, standby on an oversold flight doesn’t get you any air time. #SoMuchForBeingADiamond

I am in the Detroit International Airport trying to make it home before 11pm. It’s about 2 o’clock… Ok its only 12 because this is the second leg I have missed. Annoyed I begin walking to the next gate to realize I have about 3 hours till the next flight boards. So I stop... literally in front of the departure screens and think might as well get a glass of wine.

There is this cute restaurant near Gate A3 called Andiamo. I was intrigued by A) the Italian name and B) why not get pizza while I get a glass of wine. Here’s what I chose:

2013 Michael Pozzan Annabella Pinot Noir

Tasting Note:October 24, 2015

I am going to try and stick to my roots on how I learned the talent of wine tasting. In my experience my mood seems to impact my enjoyment of food and wine. So my expectation of this wine was for it to remedy my habit of whining and moping during the elapsed time of STANDBY LIMBO. Upon delivery of my wine in my unapparent stemmed glass I smelt essence of cherry, dirt, and water pedaled rose flowers. The color resembled ruby red with a clarity, almost like a gem. I took a large gulp followed by a light swirl in the glass. The taste as I took my second sip were medium tannins just enough to wake me up, taste of green vegetates almost a green pepper with a medium body. The finish was crisp with a spicy finish.

Drink Dates:



90 points.

Price Point:

$ - $16.99.

I enjoyed this wine so much I ordered a second with spicy sausage, pizza, with bell peppers, jalapeno peppers and mushrooms.

Keep Hope Travelers!! I made the 3 o'clock to DC!!

Until the next layover... Delay... Cancellation.. or Standby. Look for some interesting wines in the airport and let us know what you find! #LetUsKnow #MillennialDrinkers