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Lightning Wines is a boutique winery located in St. Helena that is making Rhone-inspired wines made with out of pure passion and lead by an ambitious dream that has come to fruition. Their goal is to make wines that are sourced from incredible growers and vineyards around California as well as being just as exciting to talk about as they are to drink. All the fruit used in their wines are from prestigious vineyards such as the Chevalier Family Vineyard in Mendocino County, to the Fenaughty Ranch and Swansborough Vineyards in El Dorado County. Randy is very particular with where he sources his fruit from, this has lead to strong relationships with the owners and growers of these vineyards. Some of the most interesting connections that Randy and Brooke have made have been while enjoying a chilled beer at the bar. This includes meeting P.J and Paul who they instantly made connections with. P.J. now she handles Lightning Wines' hospitality, sales and marketing. Paul Hadley is the artist behind the designs on the old wine labels below as well as the new labels that will be on the 2015 bottlings.

First taste of Lightning Wines on 3/31/2016.

First taste of Lightning Wines on 3/31/2016.

The following bottlings are made by Lightning Wines:

  • Rosé
  • CdP Blanc
  • Cease & Desist
  • Russian River Syrah
  • Fore Family Grenache
  • California Grenache
  • Fenaughty Ranch Grenache
  • Chevalier Family Vineyard Grenache
  • Swansborough Vineyard Grenache

Where are they located? 3111 Highway 29, St. Helena CA

Do you need an appointment? Yes, Lightning Wines is not open to the public but if you reach out and contact them via email at and arrange a private tasting at Brasswood.

Who is their winemaker? Randy Hester

Price Ranges: $27.00 to $45.00

Recommend: Everything, highly recommended.

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